Hosting SAP On-premise Solutions in your ‘Private Cloud’


Partner managed cloud takes the private cloud and application management one step further and enables our customer to use the traditional on-premise SAP solutions through their private cloud on a subscription basis.

Providing customers all the benefits of a cloud consumption model –

  • Pay as you go economics
  • Rapid time-to-value
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Scalability and flexibility in deployment

These features are coupled with fully managed, enterprise-class SAP solutions that traditionally were only available on premise.

ITChamps, who are trusted SAP partners will be the One Stop Shop for this service and will provide customers get the high end solution they want without having to incur capital expenditure.

How SAP’s Partner Managed Cloud (PMC) works ?


Partner Managed Cloud enables savings of 30% over a 5-year TCO lifecycle

Primary drivers for the TCO reduction are the combined result of key SAP’s Partner Managed Cloud (PMC) components:

Economies of scale from Cloud-based infrastructure

  • Scalability–increase/decrease system usage on demand without wasted or underutilized systems for backup, development, and Quality Assurance
  • Flexibility–business process changes can quickly be reflected in IT infrastructure
  • Speed–Fast deployment and provisioning speeds time to value and lowers wait time, improving productivity

Lower costs from application management services

  • Pooled Resources –Expertise is spread across multiple customers, thereby making it cheaper on a per customer basis than if customers staffed dedicated SAP resources
  • Automation / Standardization –Combines automated processes for provisioning, management and monitoring with virtualization across customers, along with standardized packages for implementation, upgrades, and patches


Based on TCO bench-marking data for over 4,200 SAP customer deployments

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