ITChamps iEmpPower – Self Service Solutiong


This is an alternate solution to the Employee and Manager Self Services portal by SAP. This product is available both as an on-premise solution as well as on Cloud.

It has a built-in User Management Engine (UME), a Workflow Engine and a synchronization module, which connects with the iEmpPower™ Add-on, installed in SAP ECC system. The whole integration is seamless to the user and gives an enhanced experience to the end users while saving huge amount of money to the customers in terms of licenses.

The best part of iEmpPower™ solution is that the system works in tandem with SAP as well as can work as a standalone system without SAP at the back-end. Connectors can also be built in future to any other back-end system, which the customer may already have. It can also be extended as a vendor portal and customer portal in future.

iEmpPower™ focuses on Self Services for Employee & Managers and also the primary activities of a Human Resource Administrator (HR Admin).

Features in iEmpPower™-

  • Personal Information
  • Work Timing 
  • Benefits and Payments 
  • Workflows
  • Travel Management System
  • Performance Management System

 Values Delivered – 

  • A key self-service benefit
  • Making employee value equal to company value
  • Build business case
  • Aligning your self-service strategy